The journey.

Throughout the years of being a professional musician I have gained many qualifications, some of which very similar to the ones I teach to my students. I started my career at an early age at school gaining the usual GCSE’s and later followed by a music A level, amongst other subjects. Until that age music had always been an enjoyable hobby which I would later decide to make it my life at University. After 3 wonderful years of experiencing professional musicianship at a high level I finally graduated with full honours in 2008.

Since teaching for many years after, I have also tried to experience what pressures my students have to go through in the exam room so I have also passed my Grade 8 guitar and Grade 5 music theory exams. All of these experiences have helped me guide students through their own musical paths at school, college and even university level.

Certificates with my name on.

Certificates with my name on.

Other certificates include a full CRB check.