Studio 1.2

Hi and welcome to the next episode of Cowboy builders “how to convert a shed into a studio”. Let’s get straight into it with the completion of the entrance way. The wall is completed with the instalment of the final window next to the door.

Now the wall is complete with fully secured door and window.

There’s a couple of jobs I’m just not quite man enough to tackle on my own and the roof was one. So my lovely student recommended her farther’s company to install an all-rubber flat roof system. It will never leak because I didn’t do it!

The new roof was let down down by the old guttering so… it simply must go! New guttering and down pipe.


Here’s the new Firestone rubber roof fully tested by the British weather. “Nice fascia boards too” I here you say..
I have created a custom size gate with the old timbers from the shed door to keep the garden private.

In the next blog I will be starting the juicy stuff inside like the insulation, electrics and plasterboard. Enjoy!

Studio 1.2
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